Clean-up underway after Championship celebration: Officials say there's minimal damage

Posted at 5:40 PM, Jun 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-23 17:40:52-04

A crowd like we have never seen before all to celebrate our cavs and the championship, but the party is over and now the city is hustling trying to restore it back to normal.

If walk downtown today and you'll see people sweeping up all the confetti and water bottles, left over from yesterday’s big parade.

With as many as a million or more people downtown, Michael Cox, Director at Public Works for the City of Cleveland said damages are expected.

"We knew there would be clean up issues, and when you have a million people in one location there's going to be some damage done to somethings."

The aftermath has left dumpsters packed to the brim, while pockets of trash still linger and line streets.

"Oh oh, there was a ton of trash in downtown Cleveland," said Cox.

“Our ambassadors are working to get the sidewalks and as much of the adjoining spaces along spaces cleaned"

That's downtown Cleveland alliance President Joe Marinucci. He said trash isn't the problem, they're biggest expense will be replacing all of the landscaping across the city where people were standing.

“I think we're talking a few about a few thousand dollars, we're not talking 10s of thousands of dollars, to help us replenish that plant material," said Marinucci.

The city notes they've also only seen minimal issues so far like a few damaged porta potties and one bus shelter. They suspect they'll only spend about 3 thousand dollars total.

“It was not one of those crowds that was looking for trouble...I'm telling you Cleveland has a lot to be proud of,” Cox said.

If anything, officials tell me the parade has given them good foresight into their plans for the RNC.

“This was in many ways a dress rehearsal in terms of the cooperation that's occurred among public entities," said Marinucci.

The city expects most streets to be cleared by this evening. So far, Euclid Avenue and over in the warehouse district streets are pretty clear. City officials said it helped to have people working during the day and Alliance ambassadors working until midnight last night and starting up again at 7 this morning. 

They’ve also had multiple volunteer groups pitch in to help.