Cleveland schools make changes for RNC

Posted at 8:08 PM, May 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-24 06:31:58-04

Thousands will flood into Cleveland for the Republican National Convention, so those who commute into the city are concerned. 

Local colleges and universities are taking a proactive approach to addressing those concerns. They're already planning to accommodate students during the rush. 

Karen Monath, Cuyahoga Community College's hospitality management Dean, told NewsChannel 5 their program's building is a stones throw from convention headquarters. 

"I cannot imagine what it's going to look like from this building during the RNC," she said.

So Cuyahoga Community College made major changes to their class schedule, just to prepare for the commotion. 

"Classes that would typically run here are still running, but we've condensed it to a short five week semester," Monath explained.

The condensed session will wrap up before the convention comes to town.

Cuyahoga Community College isn't the only school in town making accommodations. Cleveland State students may see changes as well, according to Marketing Director Rob Spademan.

"We put our students first and we want to make sure we accommodate their needs while there's a lot of activity going on in Cleveland," Spademan said. 

CSU professors and students will have the option to work from home that week, rather than commute into the city.

"Faculty understand that this could be a disruption to regular school, so giving them these perimeters to work with will ease any problems," he said.