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Cleveland Auto Show presents the opportunity to show off the latest in automotive technology

Posted at 6:54 AM, Feb 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-28 06:54:53-05

Since the first auto show in Cleveland was in 1903 the basics of vehicles have remained the same; four wheels, enclosed cabin with seats and an internal combustion engine. What separated them from each other though were the looks and the amenities and today's vehicles feature the very latest in technological advancements.

Things like backup cameras that once wowed are now standard, so manufacturers are looking for the next big thing with many featuring displays that make the driver feel they're more in a cockpit with computer readouts in front of them than in a driver's seat.

Even trucks are getting in on the act with the new Dodge Ram 1500's featuring 12-inch display screens that act as tablets.

"You'll be able to swipe pinch to zoom use multi-finger gestures you can even split that screen so that you have Apple car play on the top and navigation on the bottom," said Ram Brand Manager Peter Andrew at the Cleveland Auto Show.

In addition to cameras that offer a 360-degree view the trucks also feature sensors that will determine on their own the length of a trailer that's being hauled and adjust the blind spot warning zone.

Some like Honda's Odyssey offer what they call "cabin watch" which is essentially a ceiling mounted camera that enables the driver to check in on the kids in the back seat without turning their head.

While some automakers offer autonomous features that enable hands-free highway driving most offer features that lend themselves to being semi-autonomous designed more for an extra layer of safety than anything else.

"With park assist and a variety of other things pro trailer backup assist not quite autonomous, there's still involvement from the driver but its certainly those kinds of technologies that are really helping our customers utilize their trucks more efficiently, effectively and giving them greater confidence behind the wheel as well," said Ford Truck Group Marketing Manager Todd Eckert.