Cleveland beautifies the city for the RNC: Officials say they're in good shape for the convention

Posted at 5:38 PM, Jul 04, 2016

The RNC is just around the corner and with thousands of visitors coming, presentation is everything. 

But are we ready? That’s what we went on a hunt for.

Minutes after the big Cavs parade came to an end, cleanup began.  The last time we spoke with officials, the day after, they told us there were no major damages, and restoration would be fairly simple.

"It was a minimal of any kind of damage that was done," said Michael Cox, Director of Public Works.

So what's it looking like now? Are we in good shape?

Joe Marinucci, President of the Downtown Cleveland Alliance, said we’re looking good. “Right now, we're pretty much caught up in terms of the impact from the parade."

We found out since the parade, the 3 out of 6 Porta Potty's that were damaged, are now replaced, and the bus shelter on Lakeside and 9th street, used as a standing platform, is now looking brand new.

“They've all been taken care of and replaced, the town will be just as, more beautiful than what it is now,” said Cox.

We even checked in at mall B and C, where the parade came to close, all that was there, was just a little burnt grass.

"We'll get that water, we'll get the green back in that grass and it'll be, look just like new," Cox said.

RTA has also stepped it up with volunteers cleaning the trash and debris along the rapid.

"RTA looks better than ever. Been a lot of work along the red line, that's really been one of our focuses," Joe Calabrese, President of the Cleveland RTA said.

Remember those plants that were all over the city? Well those are back to new, thanks to $2,500 in donations. Now Marinucci said the downtown alliance can add an extra sparkle.

“Where we've been using volunteers is actually to help us with our, the installation of our twinkle lights...the goal is for visitors to the city to see us in our best, to see that sparkling glow."

And with the recent unveiling of the new Public Square, leaders express their confidence in Cleveland's squeaky clean presence.

“This is almost the centerpiece of the Beautification of the city, and the republican national committee, come on in, ready for ya, and we're going to have a great time" Cox said.