CLE drivers question city's pothole filling

Posted at 7:41 PM, Mar 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-09 19:41:39-05

Problem potholes in Cleveland are damaging people’s cars, but if you look at the city’s pothole filling schedule, you might not know there’s an issue.

“I just don’t understand it. I’m sorry. I don’t,” said Linda Robinson who is frustrated with potholes. “I don’t have the greatest car in the world but I need it to get back and forth,” said Robinson. “I have children. I have a disabled sister I care for.”

She lives on East 53rd Street where at the intersection of Fleet Avenue, her car hit a major hole, blew out a tire, and damaged her rim. Fleet Avenue has been repaved but then it’s a mess at Easr 53rd Street. “ You can see where they resurfaced everything except for that one area,” explained Robinson.

We checked the schedule of the Cleveland pothole filling crews today. 11 total were out. However, a couple of the assigned areas were a tenth of a mile or less. There was one crew for each of those sections like East 103rd Street between Rosehill Avenue and Buckeye Road.

“I don’t want to hit that pothole,” said Cleveland resident Angela Copelang. She said she is tired of driving the streets like they are an obstacle course. “Running around and going around and then the cops think you’ve been drinking or something,” said Copelang. “Come on! Ain’t nobody got no time for no police!”

The city said it’s doing spot filling now and crews are not in full filling mode. With the mild winter and the warm temps, drivers are wondering what’s going on. “As a taxpayer and a homeowner, we deserve our streets to be fixed…the streets are tearing up our cars,” Robinson told us.

We were told the crews assigned to the shorter sections for potholes were then assigned other duties for the day.