Neighbors angry about "flower house" in CLE

Posted at 7:37 PM, Apr 07, 2016

A Cleveland house that is covered with fake flowers, decorations and a poster of two half-naked people at the back door has some neighbors fed up and a city councilman stepping in. 

“It’s just getting out of hand," said Mickey Barrett who lives behind the so-called "Flower House."

The house is located on Lakewood Heights Boulevard at West 139th Street. One of the male residents declined to talk to NewsChannel 5.

“The neighborhood has asked them to tone it down," said another neighbor who declined to identify herself. "They increase it ten-fold.”

Some of the neighbors call the house an eyesore, others aren't bothered by the decorations. But many said the number of flowers, ornaments and ribbons have multiplied in the last year. They also said the residents add to their display at night when the house is lit up with holiday lights.

“As days go by, they just keep adding on and adding on," added Barrett. "It’s depreciating the values of the houses in the neighborhood.”

“Nobody has done nothing, nobody has done nothing," said the unidentified neighbor who added that she has called the councilman and police but had no results.

“It is a pain, and we’re going to deal with it," said Councilman Brian Kazy, whose ward includes the decorated house.

Kazy said he tried to deal with the issue last year when he submitted a complaint to Cleveland's Building and Housing Department. But he said there are no ordinances or legislation that address an overabundance of decorations.

The department closed the case. But since the decorations have multiplied and neighbors have recently complained, he said he's looking into it again.

"There may be some violations with some structures that have been put up without permits," added Kazy.

Kazy said he will meet a building and housing inspector at the house Friday morning. He is also setting up mediation between the neighbors and the owner.

“Something has got to be done, and I’m sick of it," said the unidentified neighbor.