Cleveland mom of two shot at during attempted carjacking, suspect asked victim to charge his phone

Posted at 4:13 PM, Jun 28, 2017

A young mother is thankful to be alive and with her two children after coming face-to-face with an armed gunman right in front of her home.

That suspect was trying to take the Cleveland woman's car when a bullet fired from the gun and grazed her.

It was just like any other Tuesday morning as Megan Keener pulled up in front of her house in the 800 block of East 141st Street.

Moments later, a man walked up to the driver's side window of her car.

"He pulled a phone out of his pocket and he asked me could I charge his cell phone," said Keener.

The 25-year old told the young man she couldn't help him out and things quickly escalated from there.

"He pulled a gun out of his hoodie pocket and he told me that he had to take my car," said Keener.

With the gun pointed at her, Keener, who was still behind the wheel of her Saturn Vue, tried fighting the man off.

"I just couldn't let him have my car. I just couldn't," said Keener.

The mother of two was eventually thrown from the car.

"I got up off the ground and I continued to fight him,” said Keener. “He then told me he was going to shoot me."

It wasn't an empty promise. The man pulled the trigger twice.

“I blocked my face and was grazed across my left hand,” said Keener. “He then shot again and the bullet shot the inside of my car."

After the narrow escape, Keener made a dash for her front door, screaming the whole way.

That's when her father, who was inside at the time, along with a neighbor, ran outside to see what was going on.

“As soon as he saw both of them he jumped out of my car and ran," said Keener.

Keener says she knows she is very lucky.

"All I did was hug my children and thank you, thank you God. I was very blessed that morning. It was not my time and I'm still here with my children and I'm very grateful for that," said Keener.

The search for the suspect continues.


Cleveland Police tell News 5 he was wearing a red Ohio State hoodie, jogging pants and sunglasses.