Cleveland police involved in second police pursuit in four days

Posted at 8:49 PM, Sep 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-23 22:17:24-04

Cleveland police chased suspects driving a stolen car stolen out of Westlake Saturday,


Cleveland police from the First District police station chased the suspects throughout the west side.


Tony Cossu witnessed the chase across from Internet Auto Sales where he works.


 “I heard tires squealing and I looked outside and a red SUV turned the corner on two wheels and went behind the building,” Cossu said.


Surveillance video showed the red car speed around the corner and then behind a building.


Cleveland police were closing in, but the suspects got out of the car, jumped a fence and ran.


That's when Cossu tried to direct officers to where they went.


This is the second chase in five days for Cleveland police.


A chase on Tuesday ended with the suspects crashing into two cars.


The men in that chase were wanted for at least two suburban bank robberies, where they jumped counters and pointed guns at bank employees.


Police arrested all four men.


Saturday, Cleveland police arrested four people, three females and one male.


Several years ago Cleveland Police made changes to its pursuit policy.


Police were only allowed to chase violent felons and drunk drivers.  


Authorities said police chased the bank robbery suspects, because they were armed and dangerous.


Police did not immediately say if Saturday’s stolen car suspects were armed.  


 “I saw them all taken into custody. I want to give kudos to the Cleveland police department, they were on the job today and looks like they got them all, said Cossu.