Cleveland police search for mentally disabled woman, missing since 2011

Posted at 6:10 PM, Apr 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-05 15:36:06-04

Cleveland police conducted a search for a mentally disabled woman that has been missing since 2011 after receiving a tip on Tuesday afternoon. 

According to police, they received a tip in connection to the case of Christina Kleckner who was reported missing on October 2, 2011.  

"I should have gotten a phone call from the detective that's in charge of her case," said Sandy Kleckner, Christina's mother. "I found out when News 5 called me and asked if I wanted to do an interview.  I felt like I got hit in the head with a sledge hammer.

Police used a backhoe and cadaver dogs to search the area of West 112th Street and Franklin Boulevard, but police say they did not find any evidence or remains. 

Kleckner is described as a 30-year-old white female and is identified as a missing endangered adult since she suffers from bi-polar, observational defiance disorder and is mentally disabled.

"She fluctuates from child-like to adult-like," said Sandy Kleckner. "The last thing I got to do was fight with my daughter. The last thing I did was fight with my baby."

Sandy said a disagreement with Christina likely drove her daughter to run away. She had run away before but was always found by police and returned home.

Christina is described as 5-foot 4-inches tall, weighing between 180 and 200 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. 

Anyone with information about Kleckner is asked to contact police.