Cleveland Teachers Union votes to reject tentative agreement

Posted at 8:26 PM, Sep 22, 2016

On Thursday members of the Cleveland Teachers Union voted to reject a tentative agreement reached between the union and the school district by a 51-49 percent vote.

The tentative agreement was made between the union and the school district on August 29. 

Cleveland Teacher Union President David Quolke said, “It was a close vote, but enough of our members clearly do not believe that the Tentative Agreement fixed the broken promises that occurred over the last 3 years.  Our members know that there is still too much testing for our students and that evaluations must become significantly more fair.”

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District said that they were "disappointed" to learn the union rejected the tentative agreement.

Read their official statement below: 

We are disappointed to learn that the Cleveland Teachers Union’s membership rejected the Tentative Agreement reached between the Union and the District, by 102 votes.While the District respects the decision of CTU’s members, we remain confident that the agreement reached between the District and Union bargaining teams was good for students and fair to teachers, while protecting the reforms of The Cleveland Plan.  

The District remains committed to bargaining a contract that meets these goals and that members can support.  

We will be prepared to meet with the CTU bargaining team in the days ahead and continue to work for an agreement that can be supported by all.

Less than a month ago, both sides spent 21 hours working on the agreement.

The Board of Education is set to vote on the agreement at their next board meeting on September 27.