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Cleveland VA hospital under audit

Posted at 5:05 PM, Oct 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-05 17:05:07-04

There's growing concern that some veterans in Northeast Ohio may have fallen through the cracks after reports of some VA hospitals that have canceled critical tests for patients.

Right now, the VA hospital in Cleveland is being audited.

It's one of nearly a dozen sites nationwide called into question after the review of hundreds of thousands of radiology orders.

According to USA Today, some medical centers may not have followed correct procedures when getting rid of outdated and duplicate test requests.

The Department of Veterans Affairs said up until now, it didn't have a system for canceling them regularly.

In total, about 300,000 were found to be obsolete.

In Cleveland, a physician-led team reviewed all outdated orders and will take clinical action based on national guidance.

Moving forward, providers will be notified if a patient doesn't complete a test within 60 days of it being scheduled.

The test will then be canceled, and the veteran's care will continue to be reassessed.

If need be, they will return to care.

The VA at both the regional and national levels are monitoring the rollout of this new process.  

Cleveland is home to the third largest VA in the country.

There are about 3,200 radiology orders placed at the medical facility each week.