Clevelanders head to donation centers to find clothing warm enough for winter

CLEVELAND - If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, Hakim Muvunye's battle to stay warm in winter began with a single question.

"Do you have a coat," Muvunye asked Barb Nicholl as she went up the steps at Redeemer Crisis Center in Cleveland to drop off a few bags of clothing donations.

He'd come to center to pick up his family for an appointment when he met Nicholl outside.

"It's life and death," said Nicholl. "It's the difference between life and death and this is what we're put on this earth for."

Barb's jackets didn't fit Hakim, but his question kicked off a coordinated attack on being cold as workers looked to find one, then two, that did.

"Let's go with two," said one of the volunteers to Hakim. "One nice one, one casual one."

After adding few pairs warm socks for good measure, Hakim was out the door with some warmer clothing for his family.

Crisis Center Director Diane Zellmer says few people who give get to see where their donations go, but the impact is hard to miss.

"We're helping families to be families," said Zellmer

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