Coffee lovers and Cavs fans embrace Matthew Dellavedeva's "G'Day Mate" blend

Posted at 9:52 PM, Jun 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-08 21:52:13-04

A local coffee blend is getting a lot of love for its Cavaliers connection and its taste. It is called "G'Day Mate," and it was launched this year by Matthew Dellavedova, the #8 Cavs point guard, with help from the Cleveland Coffee Company.

"It was a unique idea that I thought was going to work," said Brendan Walton, owner of the Cleveland Coffee Company.

Walton said he got the idea to develop a coffee inspired by Dellavedova or "Delly" after the professional basketball player announced he was a coffee lover last year. But Delly said he had to give up drinking a cup of it as his pre-game ritual because he got too dehydrated during the Finals last year.

Walton said he reached out to Delly about his idea and eventually developed a Peruvian and Sumatra blend that launched in January.

"Both of us have talked and it kind of succeeded our expectations," he added. "It's still my favorite,"

"It's really mild, kind of smooth with a little cream and sugar in it," said Lorian Jenkins, a G'Day Mate coffee lover and devoted Cavs fans.

Since the launch, Walton said G'Day Mate has become the company's best seller, selling close to 6,000 bags in just over four months at Cleveland-area retailers and online.

But it is a seasonal product. G'Day Mate coffee will only be available until the end of June.