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Company giving 'pawternity' leave to employees

Posted at 10:42 PM, Jun 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-25 08:57:44-04

CLEVELAND — A little more than a year ago, Alana Ferrante rescued her dog Bylah.

"There's hundreds of thousands of dogs that are in kennels and city shelters throughout the state that don't have forever homes," said Ferrante.

When she was brainstorming ways to get more of those dogs adopted, she brought it to the owners of her company Relentless Recovery.

"The newest idea is called 'pawternity' leave," said Ferrante.

"I decided to implement this policy where if an employee at Relentless Recovery adopts a dog from a shelter or a kennel, they would be granted a week of paid time off," she said.

She says the week will help the owner get acclimated to their new friend and allow them time to train him or her or take the dog to the vet.

"Hopefully by implementing this policy, it will encourage my employees if they were ever on the fence about it to go and finally adopt a dog," said Ferrante.

"I was like-what? This is amazing," said Relentless Recovery employee Molly Wolcott.

Wolcott is one of 130 Relentless Recovery employees across the state. Her dog passed away recently and she's finally ready to adopt again.

"I miss the companionship and coming home to a dog and the tail waging and going and exploring," said Wolcott.

This new policy which allows employees to adopt from whatever shelter or kennel they want, just made Wolcott's future adoption it that much easier.

"An amazing place to work," said Wolcott. "And with this new policy it just makes it even better."