Dad asks to see son he hid for 13 years

Posted at 4:26 PM, Dec 09, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-09 16:26:36-05

Legal counsel for the man accused of kidnapping his son and hiding under a false identity for 13 years is asking the court for visitation rights.

On Dec. 4, Bobby Hernandez's attorney entered a motion to modify a 'no contact order.'

According to court records, the 'no contact order' was put in place during Hernandez's arraignment on Dec. 1. Hernandez's attorney said that, up until that time, Hernandez was able to talk to his son, Julian, by phone and during jail visits. 

Now he can't talk to his son at all.

"The defendant and his son did and do have a very close father/son relationship and certainly need to be in each other’s life at this current posture of the proceedings," the motion reads. 

Counsel asked the court to give Hernandez the opportunity to visit with his son at the jail and speak with him on the phone while his case goes through the system.

Julian is currently living with Bobby's fianceé and children.

The FBI alleges that Bobby— Julian's non-custodial parent —took the boy from his mother in Alabama when the child was 5 and the pair have lived in Cleveland as J.J. and Jonathan Mangina ever since. They were found at a home on West 17th Street in early November.