Dangerous driving in Willoughby school zone

Posted at 6:33 PM, Mar 07, 2016

Dangerous driving in a school zone? Willoughby high school parents and students are frustrated with a one-way street where they said cars were continuously driving the wrong way. They called it an accident waiting to happen. 

Student Julia Stevens told she saw it all time.

"We'll be like walking, and all of a sudden we're like wow! You're not supposed to be back here," Stevens said. 

According to other students, like Amelia, everyone was doing it. 

"I always see people coming in and out, no one pays attention to the signs," Amelia shared. 

Willoughby Police Detective James Schultz said the department was on top of it. 

"Our officers are keeping an eye on it, that's the funny thing about it, maybe not funny. It's right in our backyard," he said.

Schultz said this isn't the first time they've heard these complaints. There hasn't been an accident reported, but police recognized this could be really dangerous and safety is their first priority. 

"This could be your son or daughter walking through that drive," Schultz said.

Pulling in the wrong way is a minor traffic violation, but drivers can and will be ticketed in the future, according to Willoughby police.