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DJ trying to help others stay away from crime by getting into music

Posted at 8:23 PM, Nov 26, 2018
and last updated 2019-02-05 09:42:55-05

Scratching and spinning are being used to curb crime.

DJ Johnny O said music saved his life. He described Cleveland in the 1980s as a place riddled with crack and despair.

“That’s why we called it pebble beach, cause the crack vines was everywhere,” said DJ Johnny O. “Zombies. Crackheads.”

He took up being a DJ to escape trouble. He also participated in a show called Club Style that ran from 1980-1986. Johnny O said he took many aspiring DJ’s under his tutelage.

Club Style was canceled because a country show overtook its airtime. Some 30 years later, Johnny O said it’s time to bring back the show, as he believes it will once again create jobs and stop crime.

“Music soothes you, or it can make you beast,” said DJ Johnny O.

Johnny O will begin mentoring guest DJs on Club Style, in December. Right now, Club Style runs on internet radio, WNRV 108.1.

If you're interested in joining the class, email