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Embattled OSU coach Urban Meyer facing new criticism

Posted at 6:25 PM, Aug 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-23 18:42:09-04

There's growing backlash against OSU's head football coach Urban Meyer.

Critics are now calling out his demeanor and lack of empathy after learning his fate for what Ohio State University says was a failure to properly handle allegations of abuse.

The university suspended Meyer for three games following its investigation into how he handled domestic violence allegations made against former assistant coach Zach Smith.

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The punishment handed down, and how Meyer handled himself following the decision, are creating more controversy.

Commentary from the Orlando Sentinel: "Disingenuous Urban Meyer didn't get a slap onwrist, he gotkissoncheek."

From the Florida Times-Journal: "Gene Frenette: By slapping Meyer onwrist, OSU sacrificespieceof its soul."

Those were just a few of the headlines making waves online Thursday when it came to how Meyer handled a woman's claims of domestic abuse.

"We need to support people in those situations, hear them, believe their experience and encourage them to reach out to get help and let the proper authorities investigate," said Melissa Graves, Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center.

The embattled coach never mentioned the woman at the center of the investigation. This is how he responded when asked what message he had for Courtney Smith.

"Well, I have a message for everyone involved in this. I'm sorry we're in this situation. I'm sorry we're in this situation," Meyer said.

Graves didn't want to focus on Meyer's punishment and performance during Wednesday night’s press conference, but rather the fact that unlike so many other domestic abuse cases, there was accountability.

Meyer admitted he now has greater awareness when it comes to claims of domestic violence.

"I'm glad to hear coach Meyer say that he understands something today that he didn't understand years ago about this serious issue, and that is that allegations about domestic violence are very serious and they should be treated as such," said Graves.