Exclusive: LeBron's former teammates celebrate win: They say they knew he could do it

Posted at 8:58 PM, Jun 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-20 20:59:50-04

Victory sure is sweet, and for LeBron, he's had his share of wins... Going way back to his high school days where he first made a name for himself.

His former teammates, have been all in, celebrating the biggest win of them all.

Newschannel 5’s Lauren Wilson, sat down with a few of them for an exclusive interview. They said the team they saw this series reminded them so much of their days on the court at St. Vincent St. Mary.

“It was the brotherhood of everything. We didn't have a lot of worries, we just had to change me to school and play basketball,” said Dru Joyce part of the ‘Fab 5’ from back in their school days.

Bringing their school three State titles and a National Championship, Akron's 'Fab 5' was unlike anything the city had seen before.

“When you're winning and having fun, everything is good and we did some things the high school teams will never experience,” said Joyce.

Dominating the court until graduation in 2003, the team has now gone their separate way, some playing overseas, others coaching in the city, but no matter what, the bond lives on.

“What we had here was something special and at the time you didn't really appreciate it until you went on to your other teams,” said former ‘Fab 5' teammate Willie McGee.

So when it came down to watching game 7, all three guys, were all in.

Joyce describes his anxiousness as the game stayed neck and neck most of the time.

“I just kept pacing the whole second half, I mean was hung up on every play."

“Actually, I was a little nervous I can't lie,” said Romeo Travis, another teammate in the ‘Fab 5.’ “And in game 6 I believed, I really believed down in my heart after that."

Knowing his skill, they we confident LeBron could pull it off.

Joyce said, “You gotta know who he is and the greatness that was in store for him. I mean we seen it from young guys at 14 and 15 and we knew like, Bron was something special."

And while Cleveland cheers for the city's 52 year drought, the ‘Fab 5’ tells me they feel it's an even bigger victory for LeBron's friends and family in Akron.

"I think it's more of an Akron story than it is a Cleveland story because I mean it started here and then when it's all said and done he's gonna end up right back here in Akron, so it comes full circle," Travis said.

The band of brothers gets together as often as they can. Dru Joyce said he sent his friend LeBron a message congratulating him on the big win last night.