Fake social media page claims to be Lakewood tax collector

Posted at 1:49 PM, Sep 21, 2016

The Lakewood tax collection department only contacts people by mail.


So when a Facebook page popped up from a person named Mary J. Smith, claiming to be an area supervisor from the Lakewood tax department, the real tax department knew right away she was an imposter.


They have no area supervisor, and the real tax collection department doesn’t have a Facebook page.


Pat Chittock with the Lakewood Tax Collection Department said the person masquerading as a tax worker, messaged a local business trying to get banking, and personal information.


“We are warning area residents and business owners this is a scam,” Chittock said.


The person using a common name like Mary Smith also claimed to have worked in management at American Greetings, we called them and they never heard of a Mary Smith.


“The concern is someone would fall for it and possibly give out banking information,” Chittock said.


Chittock contacted Facebook and says she was told they'll take the page down, but it takes a couple of days.


The Lakewood Tax Collection Department does have a webpage, but no Facebook page.