Family scattered Tribe fan's ashes at Progressive Field and Indians haven't lost a game since

Posted at 4:30 PM, Sep 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-13 19:00:59-04

Superstitions and baseball go hand-in-hand — same jerseys, same socks, whatever you think will get your team win after win.

But one Northeast Ohio family thinks their unique superstition is helping with the Tribe’s record-setting streak.

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On August 23, Steve Stevens scattered some of his mother Wanda’s ashes outside Progressive Field. Then, he scattered some more near the field.

“She loved the Indians, and now she’s part of them,” said Vera Dragich, Stevens’ wife.

Wanda Stevens was a lifelong Indians fan, cried for three days straight when they lost the World Series last year, Dragich said.

She had hoped to see a championship, but passed away in June before she could. So the family wanted to honor her in the best way and the best place they could think.

“We felt so good about that day, doing that for her,” Dragich said. “Letting her be at peace, be at home.”

The Indians have not lost a game since August 24. On Wednesday, the Tribe set the American League record with 21 straight wins.

“I say she’s up there right now she’s looking down at the Indians and she’s in her glory,” Dragich added.

An Indians spokesperson responded to the ashes news with, "Wow -- very cool."