Fees, demand pushing Cavs ticket prices up

Posted at 3:15 PM, Jun 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-03 15:15:13-04

We searched multiple reputable websites selling NBA Finals tickets and found fees and prices are hitting some serious numbers.

Random processing fees or delivery charges were anywhere from $70-$90 and that's in addition to the already $330+ tickets themselves. Of all the cheapest tickets, none were less than $400 total for the worst seats at The Q.

We checked with the local ticket business Amazing Tickets. President Mark Klang told us Game 3 tickets are priced about 20% more than last year's Finals.  One of the things driving that is Clevelanders' thirst for a championship. "The confidence for Cavs fans last year was quite lower than it is this year," said Klang. "We limped into the finals where as this year the majority of Cleveland feels that we have a legitimate chance to win...and they're sure spending like it as well."

Klang also told us that when it comes to overall price, the FlashSeats system that is responsible for Cavs ticketing kicks in an extra fee. "They charge a 24.5% handling fee on top of whatever price you see," said Klang.

We noticed Amazing Tickets did charge the least in fees. On a $425 ticket, the fees totaled $28.25.

And if you're interested in going to a possible Game 6 here in Cleveland, Klang explained those prices are even more expensive.  "Game 6 right now...prices are about 30% to 40% higher...than they are for games 3 and 4."