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Firefighters see uptick in fires amid difficult and freezing conditions

Posted at 10:16 PM, Dec 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-26 22:16:56-05

"It's been a busy time for the Cleveland fire department," Firefighter Mike Norman told News 5. 

But it's not just Cleveland firefighters who are busy.

Firefighters tackled blazes in Broadview Heights, East Cleveland, Akron and Cleveland over the past 72 hours. 

"Ice is our enemy. We have to be very careful," Norman told News 5. "Icy ladders, icy equipment, our guys fight fires in iced over coats. It can be really challenging this time of year."

Cleveland Firemen battled one early Tuesday morning on East113th.

All three people who were inside the home are safe, with no injuries and help from the Red Cross.

"We work really hard to have good outcomes like that," Norman said. 

Investigators still aren't sure what started the fire.

But another morning on Blatt Court didn't have the same outcome.

"Looks like it was started by a stove being used to keep the residence warm," Norman explained. 

News 5 learned that's not uncommon. 

The calls for help are spurring warnings from the folks who are seeing this more and more often.

"We get a lot of electrical fires this time of year because people overload the circuits. Be careful with space heaters, we've had a number of space heater fires already this winter. And with this cold snap that's coming, we could see an uptick."

But it turns out there's more we can all do to help, especially when the temperatures drop. 

"We're on the same streets people are dealing with, snow and ice on the roads. So keep your windows clean! Watch for fire trucks as we are coming by," Firefighter Norman said.