Hathaway Brown reminds staff of safety policies after man gains access to middle school

Posted at 9:47 AM, Sep 07, 2016

A man who gained access to a school building when students were being dismissed prompted Hathaway Brown to remind its staff of its safety policies.

On Aug. 26, Hathaway Brown Head of School Fran Bisselle said, a few school officials and parents noticed an unknown man outside of the Primary School building while students were being dismissed. 

Bisselle said at least one school official approached the man and asked why he was on the school's property. He then left the area. 

The school official continued to watch the man, Bisselle said, and saw him enter the Middle School as students were leaving through an exit door. 

Bisselle said the man was escorted out of the building by school officials shortly after he entered. Shaker Heights police were called and they detained the man.

A statement from Bisselle said, in part:

"This incident reminds us all of the importance of vigilance and adhering to safety protocol. We have communicated the particulars of our policies and procedures to our faculty and staff and we will continue to refine and enhance our approach with the input of parents and students as well."