Merchandise for RNC not yet available but coming

Posted: 11:18 PM, Apr 28, 2016
Updated: 2016-04-29 03:18:51Z

Civic pride is evident in the convention logos of both host cities this year. Philadelphia embracing the Liberty Bell while Cleveland celebrates it's Rock and Roll roots. If you're looking to display that pride your options are few just yet.

"Actually we're finalizing a lot of pieces with the Committee on Arrangements and the Host Committee," said Host Committee CEO David Gilbert.

"There's going to be a number of different types of merchandise, some logoed with Cleveland and the Host Committee and RNC Cleveland together and some that are just the logo of the convention," he said.

They are working out where the items will be on sale both online and whether there will be physical locations downtown people can get them.

"So we're finishing up that process but we will make sure that even if it's online that anybody in Cleveland that wants to get merchandise that is logoed with and around the convention will have the opportunity to do that," he said.

Gilbert said they want to take the civic pride that will be evident downtown and expand it to the neighborhoods.

"We're going to have things for sale, merchandise, so people in their homes and their businesses can welcome people to the RNC. Whether it's flags or window clings or stickers or things like that if they just want to show their support they'll be able to go online and order those things."

And while the host committee is charged with raising the money needed to host the convention, the items will essentially be at cost.

"Those are things that we're not going to make money from we just want to have them available so the community can best show their support."