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ICE: 'Reports of ICE checkpoints and sweeps are false, dangerous and irresponsible'

Posted at 6:38 PM, Jun 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-27 18:38:55-04

With two of the largest immigration raids in recent years happening right in Cleveland's backyard, immigration is as hot a topic in Northeast Ohio as it is anywhere. 

But what's popping up now and causing concerns are the immigration arrests that have not happened. 

Facebook, Twitter and Reddit posts and videos claimed and warned an immigration checkpoint took place in Cleveland on Tuesday. It's unclear where the people behind the posts got their information or where the chain reaction, complete with protestors, started. What actually happened Tuesday evening was a DUI checkpoint. That's it. 

This was not the first time a DUI checkpoint was mistaken for an immigration checkpoint. Just this week, News 5 was told about a raid or an immigration arrest that a tipster claimed was happening when it wasn't. 

Snapchat images sent to News 5 on Friday claimed there was an ICE raid on West 65th and Lorain. Of course, News 5 checked it out, but that claim also turned out to be false.

News 5 took concerns and questions to an ICE spokesperson, who said these checkpoint claims are false and dangerous.

"Reports of ICE checkpoints and sweeps are false, dangerous and irresponsible. These reports create panic and put communities and law enforcement personnel in unnecessary danger," the ICE spokesperson said.

When asked if there has ever been an immigration checkpoint in the Cleveland area, the spokesperson said, "ICE does not engage in checkpoints of any type."