Is parking situation at IX Center an accident waiting to happen, as some parents take a shortcut ?

Posted at 9:01 PM, Mar 25, 2017

The IX indoor amusement park is drawing big crowds, but when it comes to parking are some parents taking a potentially dangerous short cut?

It takes only seconds to drop off or pick up their kids but parking costs $10 at the IX center. 

So car after car avoids going into the parking lot, instead dropping off, or picking up their kids on a busy street and letting them walk to or from the entrance.

Many times the kids have to cross back over the road. 

A spokesperson for the IX center said the road belongs to the City of Cleveland, so their security can't patrol the road.

There's something else some parents might not know.

A driver can pay $10 to drop off right at the front door and then drive out through a refund lane and get their $10 back.

Still, some parents prefer to avoid all that. 

Others say better signage is needed to let parents know about the drop off and refund lane.