'It will be my life mission to find this killer': Defreeze family and church leaders speak out

Posted at 7:58 PM, Feb 01, 2017

Family and several church members joined together at Mount Olive Baptist Church Wednesday to put out a call to come together and stop the violence, in light of the heinous murder of 14-year-old Alianna Defreeze.

Some pastors spoke out about the violence problem in Cleveland, others offered up their churches, as safe havens for kids after school.

Defreeze's aunt, Ariel Bell, called for abandoned homes to be torn down and for Cleveland schools to have better bussing options, but Bell's main focus? Finding the person behind this. 

"I came here today to say I'm not gonna rest. Our family is not going to rest until we bring this monster to justice. We are going to look day and night. Every day. It will be my life mission to find this killer," she said. 

Bell pleaded for anyone with any information concerning what happened to come forward. 

"I need the people to come forward and say what they saw. It is not possible that she got off that bus on 93rd and Kinsman and one single person didn't see anything, didn't hear anything. The smallest most minute detail can bring this person to justice," Bell said.