ITT Technical Institute no longer enrolling students in Ohio

Posted at 11:46 AM, Aug 30, 2016

ITT Techinical Institute is not enrolling new students, according to its website. 

No other information was provided on the website by the educational services company, but the official blog of the United State Department of Education had more of an explanation as to what is happening to ITT Tech.

According to the blog, ITT Educational Services has been under state and federal investigations for years, and this year it was found out of compliance with its accreditor's standards. 

As a response to years of issues, the DOE increased its financial oversight for ITT and required the school to increase its cash reserves to provide cover for possible damages incurred by students and taxpayers. 

ITT Tech locations across Ohio:

  • Akron: 3428 W. Market St.
  • Columbus: 4717 Hilton Corporate Dr.
  • Dayton: 3325 Stop 8 Rd.
  • Hilliard: 3781 Park Mill Run Dr.
  • Maumee: 1656 Henthorne Dr.
  • Norwood: 4750 Wesley Ave.
  • Strongsville: 14955 Sprague Rd.
  • Warrensville Heights: 24865 Emery Rd.
  • Youngstown: 1030 N Meridian Rd.

The DOE is not allowing ITT to enroll new students with federal aid. It is also slowing down when students receive student aid from the government to make sure ITT is handling its finances appropriately. 

For information on what options you have as a current ITT student with federal loans, click here.

The DOE said students close to graduating from ITT will still be able to finish their degrees, unless the school chooses to close. If the school does close, students may be able to obtain a close school loan discharge instead of continuing to pay off federal student loans. 

If you recently enrolled in ITT but have never been enrolled at the school in a previous semester, you can not use federal aid, the DOE reported. 

For more information, visit the DOE's blog.