IX Center announces additional security measures following weekend incident

Posted at 7:24 PM, Mar 27, 2017

Following a disturbance on Saturday night where three adults and two juveniles were arrested, the IX Center announced added security measures at the IX Indoor Amusement Park.

Officials announced Monday there will be heightened security during the show hours by police officers, security guards and gang unit personnel in the parking lot, entrance and event areas. 

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In addition, the Dress Code and Code of Conduct will be strictly enforced, including rules such as: 

  • Shirts, skirts or pants (including jeans or shorts) and shoes must be worn at all times.
  • No weapons of any kind (for example, guns or knives) are allowed in the Park. Any weapons will be confiscated and delivered to a law enforcement authority.
  • I-X Center Corporation reserves the right to exclude visitors to the Park who wear clothing that could create a distraction. Examples of unacceptable attire include:
    • All gang related items on clothing or person, or costumes and disguises that conceal identity are prohibited.
    • Baseball caps are to be worn bill forward. No skull caps, do-rags, hoods or improperly worn clothing are permitted.
    • No profanity, obscene gestures, obscene statements or pictures, offensive statements or pictures, or illegal substances.
  • I-X Center Corporation also reserves the right to exclude visitors to the Park who engage in unacceptable conduct or who are in possession of unacceptable items. Examples of unacceptable conduct and items include:
    • No backpacks are permitted in the Park and we reserve the right to check all carry in bags, purses, etc.
    • No menacing or any other inappropriate behavior will be tolerated in the Park.
    • No food or beverages purchased elsewhere are permitted in the Park.
  • I-X Center Corporation reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone, as well as to remove anyone from the Park, who refuses to comply with the dress code and code of conduct summarized above.

Executive Vice President at the IX Center, Bill Perrien issued a statement Monday: 

“We are saddened by the events that occurred here this past Saturday. For 28 years, we have provided a safe and family-friendly environment for all of Northeast Ohio. We uphold a zero tolerance policy and any disruption in our daily operation is taken very seriously. Moving forward, it’s our job to remain proactive and reinforce our policies and procedures.”