Kasich and Romney campaign across Ohio

Posted at 7:50 PM, Mar 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-14 19:50:13-04

With polls still showing the race for the winner take all Ohio Republican Presidential primary still tight, Governor John Kasich was leaving nothing to chance campaigning across the Buckeye State.

Kasich was joined by 2012 Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney at a stop in North Canton. Romney, who began a campaign of his own against front runner Donald Trump, urged the crowd to get out and vote for Kasich on Tuesday.

"America is looking to Ohio to do a job interview," Romney told the crowd. "You look at this guy and unlike the other people running he has a real track record. He has the kind of record you want in Washington and that's why I'm convinced that you're going to do the right thing."

Romney and Kasich both keeping things above the fray. Kasich not mentioning Donald Trump by name but by his actions.

"We kind of chuckle about this but think of the images that have been broadcast across this world of the way we're picking a president here. I mean my kids are watching this, your kids, your grandkids are watching what's happening here and they're looking at a scene of people pounding each other. Do you think they're not using that for propoganda to send a message to people that America's broken," Kasich asked. 

"The spirit of America is in us. That's why when we see people who divide us, that's why it's dead wrong," Kasich said.