Mod Meals collects coats for kids

Posted at 6:59 PM, Dec 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-21 18:59:27-05

Packing up the car, Mod Meals is constantly on the move to their next delivery.

Eric Williams, chef and owner of many local restaurants including El Carnicero, is one of the contributors to the home delivery service.

“It’s basically a gourmet convenience service. And we are creating specific dishes for Mod Meals and delivering them to their doorstep,” he said.

After ordering online from a local chef, the home food delivery service brings the prepared meal right to your doorstep. But instead of tips, this season they're collecting something warmer: coats.

“We knew we were already going to our customers’ homes and their coat closets were right behind their door, so we thought what a great way to have them make their donation while we deliver their food,” said Scott Churchill Director of Marketing for Mod Meals.

And with our typical frigid cold winters, giving to the Coats for Kids charity was a top priority for them.

He said, “We’re all Clevelanders and we know it gets cold. And we really don’t want to see any kid be cold this winter.”

So far Mod Meals has collected about a dozen coats for kids for the holidays, but they're asking for more.

"Our goal would be to have every kid to have a coat by next winter. But we'll take as many as we can get,” Churchill said.

The company will be collecting coats until January for kids to be able wear them in the new year.

It started collecting coats in late November and dropping them off at various Coats for Kids locations in the area.  The company also donates a meal to someone in need at the Cleveland food bank for every order they receive.


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