Local high school students dish about who they'd pick for president

Posted at 6:16 PM, Nov 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-08 19:19:48-05

Buttons, flyers, even commercials are just a few projects students in Mr. Mathew Lindley's AP government class at Gilmour Academy recently turned in.

“We had the kids together in teams to come up with a campaign strategy in other words if they were running the campaign how would they run them? I've seen some of the ads already in the really clever," he said.

All year, he's been challenging his students to watch, learn and dialog about this year's election and all that's come with it.

“Certainly this is an election can't escape from and the kids are very interested in talking about all sorts of things," Lindley explained.

Most of the students in his class are just shy of the legal voting age, like senior, Nupur Goel.

"I'm very devastated...I'm still 17, I really hope people who are 18 and who are older, exercise their right to vote," she said.

But that doesn't mean they don't have anything to say.

“It's been like a really interesting campaign because it's been less about policy or about personal character and personal attacks," said Ben Hilkeit, also a senior and one who just turned 18, so he was actually able to cast his vote.

Goel couldn’t, but shares just the same passion.

“I'm kind of disheartening seeing the trend politics are going towards just wears more about the issue of the candidates themselves rather than the issues that they're trying to face," she said.

That's why they've been so enamored by their school projects like tracking polling demographics, and understanding the importance of the Electoral College.

"I was really surprised to find out that a lot of people are not categorized by their demographics when they vote. It makes me wonder what the outcome will be," said Bridget Koerwitz, another one of Mr. Lindley’s students.

Goel agreed, “this election has sparked my interest in politics in general."

So if they could, who would they vote for?

Goel said, “I would definitely vote for Hillary Clinton."

But Koerwitz is on the opposite end, “f I was to vote, I would probably cast my vote for Mr. Trump."

And Hilkeit is in a league of his own, "I actually voted for John Kasich, because that's why I voted for in the primary."

But either way, when it comes to watching the results roll in tonight, it's safe to say their eyes will glued along with the rest of the nation.

“Oh I'll for sure will be watching, I'll be up till the end of it," Koerwitz said.

Which works out for Mr. Lindley, because he told me his lesson plans won’t stop after the results come in.

“I told the kids we're just getting started, election day is just the beginning then will have a lot of things to talk about afterwards."