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Lorain Avenue business boom hits a few bumps due to burglars, vandals

Posted at 6:00 AM, Nov 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-02 18:01:56-04

Taking the success in the heart of Ohio City and spreading it west.

It's happening right now, as new businesses continue to sprout up along Lorain Avenue.

But there have been some bumps in the road to re-developing the area.

The glass on the front door at Herb'n Twine sandwich shop is still shattered and boarded up. The Lorain Avenue business has been hit by burglars three times in just the last few months.

"We're not going to let like a couple break-ins hold back dreams," said Katie Haneberg.

Haneberg works next door at Bloom and Clover wax studio.

"We love this neighborhood with the good and the bad. We're the rough and tough, we're Cleveland," said Haneberg.

In just the last few years, despite still being rough around the edges, other businesses have put down roots in this neighborhood.

“There's all this development, but there's still problems," said Haneberg.

Problems like break-ins and vandalism.

"A lot of people have had some challenges trying to adapt to the neighborhood," said Abbey O’Donnell.

O'Donnell, who lives and works on the west end of Ohio City, is glad to see people taking a leap of faith in this part of town. She tells me it will help change people's perception.

"With opening new businesses on Lorain, I think it will allow them to feel more comfortable seeing that other people are around, from like the suburbs, coming in," said O’Donnell.

Carlos Viera, who was robbed at gun point in this neighborhood ten years ago, sees good happening.

"It's turning around, it really is. it looks better, it's cleaned up," said Viera.

Viera, who owns Lake Shore Motors on Lorain, tells News 5 more work needs to be done.

"First couple of years of business is tough for everyone," said Viera.

Viera is concerned continued break-ins and crime could shutter some newer businesses here or prevent others from opening.

Viera tells News 5 he wants to see Cleveland police step up.

"More patrol cars, more cops riding around," said Viera.

Viera is not the only business owner hoping to see a greater police presence.

"Maybe there's more patrolling of police officers because there is more break-ins because there's more businesses," said Haneberg.

"These small business owners are banding together. The Cleveland Brew Shop, located just down the street, launched a GoFund Me page for Herb'n Twine to raise money so they can fix their front door yet again.

We reached out to the Cleveland city councilman who represents Ohio City to see how they are addressing these crime concerns in the neighborhood and we did not hear back.