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Two life-long Clevelanders are eyeing former site of LeBron James banner for new art installation

Posted at 6:36 AM, Jul 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 07:07:07-04

With the dust barely settled on the dismantling of the LeBron banner downtown, the anticipation about what will replace it grows.

Two life-long Clevelanders are hopeful their artwork celebrating our city might be considered for the high-profile spot once adorned by King James.

Their 'Love Letter to Cleveland,’ an Ohio City staple for years, suffered the same fate as the LeBron banner.

With much less fanfare, the art installation featuring the people and places that make the CLE great came down.

For now, you could say that love letter is lost in the mail.

Just hours before LeBron announced he was leaving Cleveland, artist Laura Dumm looked at her artwork perched above Ohio City for the last time.

"Cleveland has lost a lot of icons this week. We haven't stopped. it's just sort of the end of that mural," said Dumm.

Two major factors contributed to its demise.

"The sun and the wind and the weather pretty much took a toll on our mural," said Dumm.

The other Dumm said was a lack of cooperation from the owner of the building where it hung.

“I was hoping they'd share in the financial part," said Dumm.

Now, Dumm and her husband Gary are using this as an opportunity to write a new chapter in their love letter.

“We're big fans of Cleveland. It's been five years since the last one, a lot has happened and so we want to update it," said Dumm.

As for who might show up this go around? Dumm is looking to add LeBron James for fulfilling the promise he made when he returned in 2014.

"So, he does belong in our hearts. I know people might be a little upset, but he did great things for Cleveland," said Dumm.

Where all that greatness will be celebrated remains to be seen. But now, with a giant blank canvas in the center of the city these artists are dreaming big.

"We are committed," said Dumm.

The couple is looking to transform the iconic location that once celebrated the success of one man into a tribute to all the people and things that make Cleveland great.

"Because that is a Cleveland space," said Dumm.

A space they think is perfect to showcase 'A Love Letter to Cleveland 2.0.’

"When the Dumms set their mind to doing something they do it," said Dumm.