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Man who violated protection order, allegedly stabbed ex-girlfriend to death, charged with murder

Posted at 2:07 PM, Nov 15, 2017

The man who violated a protection multiple times before allegedly stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death last month is facing a slew of charges including aggravated murder, burglary, robbery and assault.

Dale Peters, 65, is also charged with kidnapping, violating a protection order, grand theft, tampering with evidence and inducing panic.

On Oct. 29, police were called to a home on Montrose Avenue after a neighbor found the body of 65-year-old Laura Fruscella lying on her front lawn. 


Police located Peters in a car in his driveway with a large kitchen knife to his neck, threatening to harm himself.  After a 5-hour standoff, Peters exited the vehicle and began to stab himself. He was treated at a local hospital and then taken into custody.

According to court officials, Peters and Fruscella dated for about 9 years prior to her death.  Court records show Peters had an extensive history of domestic violence and Fruscella had recently filed a temporary restraining order against him. 

Peters was previously scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 30 —the day after Fruscella's body was found — on domestic violence charges and for violating a protection order. 

Court records show Peters violated a protection order on three separate occasions.

According to police records, Fruscella said Peters had a long history of abusing her physically and verbally but she didn't report every case because she was afraid of him.

Authorities previously determined that Fruscella was at a “high risk” of becoming a homicide victim through a domestic violence pilot program assessment.

Prosecutors said they have not ruled out capital murder charges.

He is currently being held in lieu of a $1 million bond and scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 17.