Men on a mission carrying caskets march through the streets of East Cleveland

Posted at 9:44 AM, Jul 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-23 10:01:17-04

The community of East Cleveland came together to march in solidarity against drugs and violence plaguing the community.

In your face.

It is how some activists are hoping to get your attention.

Saturday, they had an unusual accessory in tow, as they marched through the streets of East Cleveland on a mission.

"Jesus is the answer," shouted one marcher through a megaphone.

Spreading the word of God, while trying to help the misguided.

"Who will help you get off heroin? Jesus," shouted another marcher.

Dozens of people, fed up with drugs and death joined the march to help save lives.

"Overdoses and murders it's too much. It needs to stop," said Paulette Scott, East Cleveland resident.

R.A. Vernon, Word Church Founder helped organize the event with a twist.

"Demonstrating our grief by carrying caskets in the air. Baby caskets, big caskets," said Vernon.

A hearse led the way for marchers, many of whom were holding signs, and the men carrying the symbol of death.

"Big caskets and little caskets, there shouldn't be any little caskets, not from violence." Joann Greene, East Cleveland resident.

Greene watched from her front porch as the procession went by.

"I pray this makes an impact on the community," said Greene.

Pastor Vernon said when pastors, police and politicians come together is when you start to change cities.

"We can't stop all of it, but if we stop some of it, we had a great summer," said Vernon.

This weekend's march was the second in a series of three Casket Crusades.

The last one will take place next Saturday, July 29.

It will begin at East Technical High School and end at Public Square.