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Car windows smashed in Cleveland's Ohio City neighborhood leaves residents fed up

Posted at 7:12 PM, Mar 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-27 19:11:59-04

Shattered glass covers the streets once again in Ohio City as more car windows were smashed overnight at West 29th Street and Clinton Avenue.

Dozens of car windows have been busted out since November and now they seem to be happening on a nightly basis.

Chad Biggers with Ohio City Incorporated said sometimes car owners don’t file a police report because the damage is less in their insurance deductible.

So now he’s urging residents to fill out a form they can get from Ohio City Incorporated when they’re a victim of these crimes.

He says it will help police pinpoint where the break-ins are happening.

He hopes police can increase patrols.

Since the crime is a misdemeanor, he plans to give the forms to prosecutors and judges in hopes they will give out stiffer sentences once they see the scope of the damage.

He says Ohio City Incorporated also plans to put up more surveillance cameras.

“People in Ohio city and the businesses have done a great job helping raise that money and so we are able to put up more. We have started the process and we are mapping it out and figuring out where they’re going and getting them installed,” Biggers said.

Cleveland police arrested a suspect last week for stealing sunglasses and jewelry from cars, so this week's break-ins were committed by someone else.

Jason Reavis’s girlfriend recently had her car window destroyed leaving him so frustrated with the ongoing problem they plan to leave the neighborhood they called home.

“We like Ohio City, but we’re going to be moving soon because it’s not worth it to live in this area anymore if we’re going to keep getting broken into,” Reavis said.

We asked Cleveland please if they’ll increase patrols.

They said they don’t discuss deployment plans for strategic reasons.