More trouble for Euclid apartment complex plagued with problems

Posted at 3:58 PM, Jun 30, 2017

They are not the house warming gifts one women expected to find when she got the keys to her new apartment.

A filthy tub and the previous renter's shampoo and a used bar soap.

The dirty tub and toilet were just some of the deplorable conditions she discovered inside a high rise riddled with safety and health concerns.

We first told you about piled up trash and rat infestations at the North Pointe Apartments in Euclid earlier this week.

News 5 has now exposed even more problems as we try to help one resident who was allowed to move into a trash-filled apartment.

Tiana Wilson got the keys to her 19th-floor apartment Friday morning.

She was ready to hand over more than $1,500 to move in when she had the chance to get a sneak-peak at what her money was about to get her. 

Despite what she already knew about the current conditions at North Pointe Apartments, like dog feces and dog urine in the hallways for days at a time, Wilson, who was already a resident there, requested a new larger unit more than a month ago.

"Here we are June 30th and it's not ready," said Wilson.

Wilson snapped more than a dozen photos inside the apartment just hours before she was set to move in.

Stained carpets, trash and a fridge filled with old food and cockroaches greeted her.

“It still makes me itchy now," said Wilson.

Shocked by what she saw, Wilson immediately notified North Pointe staff.

"I think it was outrageous and I went down there and everyone has a different story, everybody is pointing the finger at everybody and no one knows anything," said Wilson.

News 5 has learned the City of Euclid, which was aware of a string of safety issues like crumbling balconies and a broken security door, filed criminal charges against the owner of North Pointe Apartments.

This week, the court told the city it believes a new management company is making strides to improve conditions.

"I would say that I have not seen such strides. I've seen lots of talk, but I haven't seen any action to back it up," said Wilson.

News 5 took Wilson's pictures to Euclid City Hall to show the mayor's assistant. Because of the pending litigation, she could not go on camera, but she reacted to the disgusting state of Wilson's apartment by saying, "Horrible. No one should live in that."

"It doesn't seem like they care. They don't live here so they don't care," said Wilson.

News 5 also went directly to the staff at North Pointe with our camera rolling and we were told to leave and there would be no comment on the condition of Wilson’s apartment.

The property management company that oversees North Pointe Apartments did not return our phone call.

We still do not know if the staff at the complex was aware of the condition of Wilson's apartment when they gave her the keys.

We just learned the apartment will be cleaned and a new fridge and carpet are on the way.

It will be ready for Wilson Saturday.

For her trouble, the property manager is waiving the $300 apartment transfer fee.

Euclid City Councilman Daryl Langman has asked the city to file an administrative warrant to inspect North Pointe Apartments immediately.

There are plans to check out the property, but not until August.

Langman tells News 5 the city is delaying the inevitable and that is prosecuting the property owner for months of serious health and safety violations.