New inbound Innerbelt bridge to open next weekend, but all lanes won't open until the end of October

Posted at 4:45 PM, Sep 15, 2016

Highway closed, detour signs, orange barrels—they've all been a hassle during the six years it's taken to build a new Innerbelt bridge.

Soon it will all be worth it, when the entire bridge opens to five lanes in each direction.

But, not all lanes will open during next weekend's grand opening and ribbon cutting on the inbound bridge. 

While opening two lanes inbound is reason to celebrate, all five lanes won't open in each direction until the end of October.

One reason is the concrete barriers still need to be removed

More good news, more exit and on ramps will reopen in the next few weeks.

The West 14th Street onramp from Tremont will open, after visitors to Tremont had to take detours for years.

At Hartshorn Art Studio, the owner Rob Hartshorn said visiting Tremont will soon be a lot easier and mean better days for business.

"It's going to be just ease, ease of access, ease of getting in and out of town, maybe that will encourage more people to come down to Tremont,” Hartshorn said.

The new Innerbelt is actually two separate bridges, one eastbound or inbound and one westbound or outbound.