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Northeast Ohio company creates robots to help with school security

Posted at 3:44 PM, Sep 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-10 17:47:16-04

A Northeast Ohio company believes they can improve school safety and security with the use of robots.

Yes, robots.

Intellitronix is based in Eastlake, known for manufacturing digital electronic automotive accessories.

But CEO Paul Spivak has always had a passion for robots.

“I was the nerd, got into electronics, built all kinds of microprocessor stuff, now here we are,” Spivak said.

“Robots are definitely coming, it’s the robot revolution,” he explained. “Everybody thinks that robots are going to replace humans — not necessarily true. They’re going to be aides, they’re going to help people.”

Spivak and his engineers have spent the last five years working to create and perfect three “Promobots” — a 5-foot android that can tell jokes and carry on conversations.

The latest improvement is adding “weapons detection” technology that alerts as soon as someone with a gun walks into view.

Spivak demonstrated with an AR-15. As soon as he came into the robot’s field of view, an alert sounded. It also immediately sends a text message with a photo of the perpetrator.

“To make schools a lot safer, plus other places. I mean, it’s terrible you turn the news on, somebody goes nuts and they start shooting kids. Since I’m a new father, I don’t want to have that worry when my daughter goes to school,” Spivak said.

The technology currently has patents pending, but Spivak said they are working with local school districts to discuss placing the robot. In addition to the weapons detection, the robot is also able to teach curriculums like science and algebra.

The cost for one? $50,000.

Spivak said while they currently have three robots, they plan to create thousands.

“The beautiful part about robots is that they’ll never get to be finished because they’ll always evolve,” he said.