ODOT clears trees, brush from I-90 corridor

Posted at 6:26 PM, Mar 11, 2016

Tree trimming crews are busy working along and around Interstate 90 from the Innerbelt bridge to Dead Man's Curve.

You might've noticed some of the embankments are bare after being cleared of trees.

"They have had some issues with vagrancy, graffiti, some unsavory things happening in the neighborhood, so if we can do our part to help cut down on those activities, we're happy to do it,” said the Ohio Department of Transportation's Jocelyn Clemmings. 

Clemmings said ODOT crews are clearing overgrowth, brushes and trees, some of which were already dead.

Some nearby businesses complained that the thick overgrowth was a good hiding place for people looking to break-in or vandalize businesses, and homeless camps pop up from time to time.

A Cleveland police crime map showed several recent vandalisms and auto thefts.

Not far from the Innerbelt, crews cut down dead ash trees infected with the invasive insect called the emerald ash borer.

Clearing the brush has exposed a lot of litter.

ODOT District 12 planned a massive clean up in June, just in time for the RNC in Cleveland.