One month after the RNC, Destination Cleveland fields new convention requests

Inquiries are pouring in after the successful RNC
Posted at 5:54 PM, Aug 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-18 17:54:27-04

Four weeks after the balloons dropped in Cleveland closing the Republican National Convention the city is enjoying the accolades it received and the potential future business it might generate.

"Our lead volume since the RNC is almost 60 new leads that have come in," said Mike Burns, Senior Vice President of Sales & Services for Destination Cleveland on the number of inquiries coming in for future conventions.

"With about ten of those leads that came in in the last week. I'd say at least half of those were influenced by the media coverage and all of the positive stories about Cleveland."

What makes these convention leads different is the number of people each convention would bring.

"The sizes of the pieces of business that we're looking at currently are much larger than they were even a year ago."

Immediately following the RNC, Cleveland hosted three conventions with another half dozen scheduled through the end of September, including Content Marketing World September 6-9. The event draws around 3,500 participants, taking over most of downtown's hotel rooms.

It's an event Burns said started in Cleveland and a few years ago outgrew the city.

"So that's just one example of a show that had to leave our city after 2011 because we didn't have enough hotel rooms now we can stay with their growth and successfully handle that group for the next couple of years."