Reggie Rucker to be charged with assault

Posted at 9:20 PM, May 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-06 09:16:23-04

Former Cleveland Browns player Reggie Rucker will be charged with assault and menacing after an incident at the Highland Park Golf Course, police reported.

According to police, on April 30, around 2 p.m., two officers were dispatched to the Highland Park Golf Course on Green Road regarding a man that was assaulted.

When police arrived, they spoke with the complainant, a man, at the pro shop. The man was with three friends who were also there and witnessed the incident. When asked what happened, the man said the park ranger asked him and his friends if they could pass them, and they complied and proceeded to play in the next hole of the golf course.

Moments later, while waiting at the tee box at another hole, the man said while they were listening to the radio another man, identified as Reginald Rucker, was taking his shot. At the time, Rucker approached the man and asked who turned on the music and if they had any golf etiquette. The man told Rucker that he could have asked them to turn down the music. Rucker said the man told him to get out of his face after he approached him. Rucker asked what was he going to do about it, and moments later grabbed the man’s throat, pushing him backwards. The man then pushed him away from him, which resulted in Rucker falling to the ground.

The complainant and Rucker were then separated. Police said the man told them Rucker threatened to shoot him with a gun and raised his golf club above his head.

When officers spoke with Rucker, he told them he was behind the group all day and once they were given permission to pass, the complainant ignored the request and proceeded to play music and talk while Rucker was attempting to take his shot. Rucker took offense and approached the man and they began to argue. Then, Rucker said while confronting the man he stepped towards him so Rucker grabbed the man around the neck.

Rucker told police the man took a swing at him and knocked him to the ground. When officers asked Rucker if he threatened to shoot the man, he said no he had nothing to shoot him with. Rucker was then patted down, handcuffed, and placed in the rear of a patrol car.

During the course of the investigation we conferred and obtained statements from the individuals who were present at the time of the incident, Witnesses provided the following statements.

One witness said Rucker approached the man in an aggressive manner when he confronted him about playing music and got in the man’s face. The witness stated that's when Rucker placed his hands around the man’s neck and also mentioned he would shoot him. The witness also said Rucker got his golf club and attempted to swing it at the man.

While gathering witness statements, Rucker told police he wasn’t feeling well. He was taken to Ahuja Medical Center for treatment.

Later, police reported, the complainant told officers he wanted to pursue charges against Rucker since he was threatened with a gun.

Officials said Rucker will be charged with assault and menacing.