Delivery driver robbed twice in 2 weeks, quits

Posted at 9:58 PM, Mar 31, 2016

A Cleveland pizza delivery driver quit after being robbed on the job twice in just two weeks.

Alfredo Torres II was held up at gunpoint during a delivery on Easter Sunday on Cleveland's west side.

Just 10 days before, Torres was robbed during a delivery at the apartments on East 30th Street and Cedar Avenue on the city's east side.

In the first case, the Happy's Pizza delivery driver said he was robbed of his cash and cell phone by a lone gunmen.

"When he pulled the gun out, he pulled it at my face and cocked it real hard," Torres said.

In the second instance, Torres was delivering to a home in the 7700 block of Colgate Avenue when he said a man approached him and said he had ordered the pizza.

Before he knew it, Torres said three other men ambushed him and began poking him with guns and rifling through his pockets.

"It's not worth my life. Material things are not worth my life so I told them, 'Here, take it,'" Torres said.

The guys took his cash, a new phone and his SUV, which was found miles away with the license plates missing.

In both cases, the gunmen took off with the pizzas as well.

Bashir Ghazzoul owns the Happy's Pizza on West 74th Street and Detroit Avenue where Torres was working. He said their delivery area stretches all over the city.

Ghazzoul said he knows it can be tough out there, which is why he does many of the deliveries himself.

"To be honest with you, you can't do nothing about it," he added.

Ghazzoul said this month was an unusually violent one for his drivers -- in addition to Torres being held up twice, another driver was also robbed.

"I feel bad for them, but that's kind of part of the job," he said. "Other companies, other pizza shops get robbed too, it's not just us."

For Torres, it was one time too many.

"I walked back in there after the cops took me [to Happy's] and said, 'I can't work here anymore, I quit.'"

And third time is not the charm for Torres -- he said he was also robbed earlier this month by a woman he met through an online dating site.