Cleveland RNC only 100 days out

Posted at 7:37 PM, Apr 08, 2016

With snow in the forecast, July may seem a world away but come Saturday the start of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland will only be 100 days away.

Friday those in charge of pulling off the convention gathered to update the media on the progress and while there's still plenty of work to do, everything remains on pace for the July 18 convention start.

The host committee said they've raised $55.5 million of the $64 million required to pull off the convention, which is more money than any other convention in history. In addition the majority, 80 percent, of the money raised is in the bank.

Their effort to recruit volunteers to help visitors navigate Cleveland during the convention remains on track with 7,400 of the eventual 8,000 plus volunteers already signed up.

The RNC's Committee on Arrangements Chair Steve King said while the attention of the public remains on the political horse race that is the likelihood of a contested convention, they remained mission focused.

"Our job is administrative, our job is to put this thing together and have it ready no matter what happens out there. And it will be ready," King said.

Convention CEO Jeff Larson said plans should be announced soon related to hotel assignments for the various state delegations and there RNC staff in town is up to around 70 and is expected to increase to double that as the convention nears.