Woman blows out five tires on Cleveland potholes

Posted at 5:31 PM, Mar 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-15 06:59:54-04

Even with the mild winter, potholes are a big problem in our area. In fact, one Cleveland woman said she’s had to deal with five blown out tires in just two years in and around the city.

“That’s why I called you. I thought this is ridiculous,” said Linda Sanders from Moreland Hills. “Enough is enough.”

Sanders told us she’s been racking up hefty bills from blown tires around town. “I’m tired of replacing these tires. I’m tired of it.”

Just this past weekend, she was on Cedar Hill and slammed into a huge hole that eventually flattened that fifth tire in two pothole seasons. “It’s a problem that I know many, many people have experienced what I have,” Sanders told us.

“I understand, it’s definitely frustrating. It’s frustrating for all of us, too” said Assistant Communications Director Dan Ball from the city. He said there could be a finite amount of cold patch until the asphalt plants open in April. It’s then that a master plan for potholes in the city will be released.

“There will also be a tool online were you can go where you can see where the Division of Streets is at in repairing potholes,” explained Ball.

It’s a plan that many are looking forward to especially in preparation for the Republican National Convention. Drivers said they don’t want torn up roads to be the first impression of our city. Sanders echoed that thought. “We’re going to have national, international coverage and they’re going to compare us to Russia with the lousy potholes,” said Sanders.

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