Children caught in the crossfire

Posted at 7:28 AM, Oct 03, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-03 07:28:16-04

The Word Church invited Newsnet5 to its “Fire in the Night” prayer event, Friday night. Members agreed with President Obama when he said “our thoughts and prayers are not enough,” however they do believe prayer is the cornerstone to Cleveland’s healing.

Maria Bonner, a former drug addict said she has turned her life around. Bonner said many people on the streets are lost, but not because they don’t believe in a higher power.

"It’s a place where you're running from yourself and running from everything around you. A place where you never feel like you're going to get out,” said Bonner. "It’s easy to understand the mentality of some people when they're stuck in this vicious cycle and not sure they could ever get out."

Bonner said it’s important to understand how the city arrived at this point. She said her story is likely similar to many who are caught up in crime.

“My mom was sick for most of my life, I bounced from place to place and my step-father was addicted. In and out of jail,” said Bonner. "I have yet to meet a kid that said 'I want to grow up and be a murderer.'"


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