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PROOF IN NUMBERS: Ohio drivers are putting first responders at risk

Posted at 5:31 PM, Dec 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-06 21:54:43-05

The folks you call for help are the people drivers are putting at risk, while they're just doing their jobs. 

First responders are in danger on the side of the roads because many drivers refuse to slow down, move over and follow the law when they see emergency lights flashing.

The proof is in the numbers, with testing results released on Thursday

The violations were caught on camera during the testing in Northeast Ohio over the past couple months.

"Now we have the physical evidence showing it's a problem for first responders, towers, anybody working on the side of the road," Jay Marek, with Rich's Towing, told News 5. 

A camera is behind that testing and evidence. It mounts on a vehicle, providing a 180-degree angle view. Combining the camera with speed and distance tracking as well as proof the emergency lights were flashing makes evidence gathering, a warning or a citation possible. 

It's made by a company named Brekford. 

We first introduced you to them and their solution-based technology, months ago

Brekford tested the tech with Rich's Towing and Macedonia Police.

Brekford captured 545 violations in total. With an average of 0.7 violations a minute. Two truck drivers captured 1.4 violations a minute.

"It's staggering. It comes down to two violations a minute. So that means every thirty seconds we have someone blowing by us to the point it's risking our lives," Marek said. 

Brekford plans to test its newly updated equipment here again soon to gather more data. 

Marek said, their ultimate goal is to take the data to legislators and use it to make the current "Move Over Law" stricter. 

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If drivers are caught breaking the current law, they can face a $300 citation. 

You can read more about the law here.