Public Square reopens to RTA buses

Posted at 6:46 AM, Mar 06, 2017

Public Square is back open to buses for the first time in nearly two years. 

Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority buses started traveling through the square again Monday morning. 

The square was first closed to buses for renovations, which were completed last summer. But even after the square was reopened, the City of Cleveland kept buses out, saying it was going to stay closed until they were able to analyze traffic patterns in the area "to determine if there [was] an opportunity to further realign or restrict traffic on Superior Avenue."

Now that buses are permitted through the square once again, four bus routes will make stops within the square on Superior Avenue: the 3, 26, 38 and 81.

Another 17 buses will travel through the square using Superior Avenue. 

The RTA had until Tuesday to resume service or it would be forced to pay $12 million to the Federal Transit Administration for a breach of contract.

The new routes aren't the only thing that changed Monday. Handicap ramps and concrete barriers have also been set up. They were installed on Friday but they're already getting negative feedback online. 

A non-profit organization called All Aboard Ohio posted a photo to Twitter over the weekend, highlighting the areas on and near the ramp that pose safety hazards.

Others are calling the barriers embarrassing since Public Square was just renovated in an effort to make it look better. 

The RTA says they were put in place for safety reasons, to prevent cars from driving on the sidewalk.